At Crooked Mile we encourage you to take the path less travelled.

To take the long way home, and to pause and enjoy what is around you.

Likewise, we encourage you to use all your senses to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into our quality ales. Our flagship ales are British-inspired and wonderfully balanced, with complex aromas and flavours. Savour every sip, take your time, and enjoy.


Our Flagship Ales
Standing Stone
Standing Stone

English IPA - 6.2% ABV

Standing stones survive as beacons of the past, as does our traditional English IPA. This award-winning ale is amber-coloured and balances malt sweetness with hop bitterness. You’ll discover a floral sweetness on the nose, followed by citrus flavours and an earthy, moderately bitter finish.

Crow’s Castle
Crow’s Castle

Welsh Best Bitter - 4.5% ABV

From the ruins of a hilltop castle, and the taste of a Welsh ale, the idea of Crooked Mile Brewing was born. This is our nod to the Best Bitter that started it all. This copper-coloured ale is complex with a sweet and fruity aroma. You’ll discover notes of toffee, balanced with a mild bitterness.

Druid’s Dusk
Druid’s Dusk

Irish Red - 5.0% ABV

Just like the endurance of ancient civilizations, our Irish Red stands the test of time. This chestnut coloured ale is smooth drinking. You’ll discover a sweet breadiness with light cherry notes and a mild hop bitterness.

Highland Hillwalker
Highland Hillwalker

Scottish Export - 4.4% ABV

Like a friendly greeting on a long trail, our Scottish Export will bring warmth to your table. This beautiful, deep amber ale is smooth and true to style. You’ll discover sweet notes of butterscotch and a slight smokiness with very little bitterness.

 Black Dog
Black Dog

Dry Stout - 4.6% ABV

There are tales of a nocturnal apparition that haunts the moorlands of England. Dark as the night, our robust Dry Stout will leave an impression. With chocolate and sweet cherry on the nose, you’ll discover delicious roasted coffee and a dry finish on the tongue.


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We usually have one or two special seasonal ales on the go each month. We also offer real cask ale at the brewery from time to time.

These change frequently, so follow us on social media to stay on top of our latest offerings. Past seasonals have included:

The Peculiar Porter

When the Old Peculiar style meets a Porter, this is what you get, a molasses-infused porter.

Lanark Maple Brown

You can’t brew in the maple capital of Ontario without using fresh local maple.

Between the Rows Saison

Our nod to the traditional ale that was provided to hardworking farmhands during the summer.

Ye Olde Harvest Ale

An Old Ale infused with yarrow, carrots, and Golding hops from our garden.

Jolly Good

A cream ale infused with Equator Coffee’s Freakin’ Good coffee. It really is jolly good!

Cocoa Loco

A double-chocolate milk stout brewed with lactose, an obscene amount of chocolate malt, and two bars of "Oh, Mama!" from Hummingbird Chocolates.

Robert’s Best Brown

An old family recipe for a traditional northern English Brown Ale.

Lemon Tartan

Lemon rind gives a fragrant boost to an American Wheat ale.


When an American IPA invades the British lineup.

Seven Maples Farm APA

An American Pale Ale that uses local Cascade hops harvested from Seven Maples Farm.

Pitch Penny

A classic British ale that's refreshingly light, clocking in at 3.9%. Perfect for patio weather.

The Royal Wee

This 8.3% wee heavy, with notes of dried fruit, honey, and chocolate is meant for celebrations, gifting, and cellaring.


Our brewery is located in the beautiful town of Almonte.

We strongly recommend spending some time exploring all of the wonderful shops and sites that Almonte and area has to offer.

At the brewery we offer:


453 Ottawa Street, Almonte, Ontario


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